For Beijing Design Week 2016 ATLAS  hosted The Dye Room, an interactive exhibit featuring multiple projects. The exhibit was part of the BAITAISI Re-Made platform - focused on the development of The Global School in the historic Beijing neighborhood of Baitaisi. 

Our partners in the exhibit were Global Heritage Fund and The Shepard's Family Textile Co-op.  For the past year ATLAS has been researching Dong Textiles in Dali Village, Guizhou in collaboration with GHF. Setting up in a small hutong courtyard space in Baitaisi - this research was presented during BJDW alongside other innovative programming such as a symposium, workshops, and shop. 

The symposium, Thinking by Hand, hosted at The Global School on September 26 featured a range of speakers from media, to not-for-profit organizations, to heritage textile entrepreneurs all reflecting on the challenges and opportunities of working with traditional textile production in today's contemporary design context. A report on the symposium proceedings will be available shortly, please check back for the download in the coming weeks. 

Further information about the exhibition is available here.

Please contact us for a copy of the press release or for other press inquiries. 


about our exhibition partners:  

The Global Heritage Fund is an innovative not-for-profit working to preserve tangible and intangible cultural heritage with project sites across the world.  Their work in Dali village seeks to create a holistic approach to preservation tackling both the tangible and intangible heritage alive in the landscape. 

The Shepard’s Family Textile Co-op is located in the same region of Guizhou and the exhibit featured their innovative dye and textile work. The co-op has spent the last ten years building a range of expertise on Dong textile and natural dye techniques.