Terrain Triangle

Terrain Triangle

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This Terrain cushion is made from cloth woven by hand in the Qiandongnan region of Guizhou. Dong cloth is more than a simple fabric - it is an entire way of life - where artistry, social bonds, and relation to nature are woven together in the act of making the textile. The fabrics chosen are traditionally used for ceremonial costumes and memorial objects. They are handwoven and naturally dyed using various plants and minerals. 

Indigo Glossy cloth is both rare and highly valued. The handwoven cotton cloth is dyed in Indigo seven to nine times and then overdyed with a red pigment to give it a more layered, deeper color. Lastly, it is soaked in egg whites and pounded over and over until it achieves a characteristic glossy sheen. 

The chartreuse textile is handwoven cotton cloth dyed with botanical material from the surrounding mountains. 

Cover is 100% cotton with goose down feather cushion.  Non-vegan. 

Naturally dyed fabric is dynamic and individual, please allow for some variations and expect some changes overtime. Do not expose to direct sunlight.